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What is The Hitchhiker?

The HitchhikerThere is a Hitchhiker in all of us. It is the place in your mind where you visit, sometimes, and sometimes not, by choice. We live day to day, but we explore our fantasies at moments not always chosen by us.

To an extent, we are all victims of our fantasies, never being totally able to control them. Sometimes, they help us see the possibilities of certain acts of goodness, but some, if acted upon, can bring about consequences beyond anything our imagination could conjure.

The Hitchhiker watches, and tells us what might happen. Whether we listen with an aware mind, or carelessly let ourselves fall from consciousness into the other place, the place from where it all changes, from reality into fantasy, a place from which we may never emerge the same as when we entered, is only a heartbeat, or a breath away.

We make that choice everyday. The Hitchhiker is always there, watching, and telling us that the choice is always ours.

We have to make the choice...

The Hitchhiker represents our deepest hidden fantasies and nightmares, and shows us the possibilities and consequences of following the path that our mind will lead us down if we don't pull ourselves back from the road less traveled, to our real, and ordinary lives.

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